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Sometimes you need to look ripped real quick, but there is only so much you can do to change your physique at the last minute, right? Wrong. We went straight to the pros – bodybuilders who know what it takes drop the last couple layers of fat before a competition – for some of their personal, pre-event toning tricks. Here are a few solid ways to make your body appear stronger in no time.

Drink lots of water, take a break. You want to avoid consuming any unwanted sodium on the days leading up to your event [it will make you retain water and cause bloating], so don’t eat processed foods or dine at restaurants in the days leading up to a big night. Instead, stick with unsalted grilled chicken and plain baked potatoes or steamed rice.

Simply pumping your blood and body fluids around (through cardio) will help reduce your chances of having an unwanted accumulation of fluids in the subcutaneous space between your muscles and skin, thereby making you look sharper. 30 to 45 minutes pedaling at a moderate pace on an exercise bike should do it.

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