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Jun 12, 2015: Evening is usually the time for you. It is up to you how to spend it. You can either lie in front of the TV or do something useful. In this post, you’ll find 10 evening rituals that will increase your productivity.

Go for a short walk before going to bed. It can help you step over all the troubles and anxieties of the day. You can enjoy peace and quiet and think about the things that worry or excite you. Besides, walking is good for your health.

Analyze your day
Benjamin Franklin though that time was the most precious resource, so he cared a lot about dividing it right. At the end of every day he asked himself what good deeds he managed to do today and analyzed the whole day. It let him understand what things he succeeded in and what things were ahead. Try to do just that.

Many great people read before going to sleep. Reading inspires and helps to generate new ideas. If you are familiar with insomnia, a book can help you calm and fall asleep. What to read is up to you. However, I wouldn’t recommend you reading thrillers, horrors or dramatic stories.

Morning medication can put you in the right mood for work. It is even better to meditate before sleep as well. It can help you clear your mind and get ready for resting.

Set a curfew
Many centuries, people stayed awake when the sun was up and went to bed. When it was getting dark, they went to sleep. Now we stay in front of laptops, tablets and smartphones till very late. Spending an hour before sleep with no gadgets can be very healthy. When you go to bed, turn of the sound on your phone so that your sleep is not disturbed.

Evening is a great time for choosing your aims and cheering yourself up. Use positive affirmations:
• To encourage you to be more confident;
• To set your mind to success;
• To abstract your mind from other people’s opinions;
• To concentrate on your goals;
• To motivate yourself for hard work, etc.

Write a diary
Writing a diary is not as childish as many people think. Psychologists say that writing our thoughts and emotions down, we make our life more conscious and sensible. Sometimes a note in a diary helps to solve some problems that are hiding deep down in your subconscious mind.

Making a plan for the next day in the evening can save your time as you don’t have to do in the morning and mobilize you as you will wake up knowing what to do.

This is a next step after planning the things to do tomorrow. When you have a plan, you need to choose your priorities. Pick three most important tasks. They have to help you to go to your goals and to progress. Divide them then into smaller parts and pick the exact hours you need to finish them by.

Be grateful
This thing should be done when you are already in bed. Close your eyes and think who you are thankful to and for what. Gratitude is a positive emotion that motivates you to develop and do the right moves. Falling asleep with good thoughts will probably help you continue this positive thinking the next day.

Author: Adam Mann

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