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Jun 29, 2015: SPAG Asia, the fastest growing Public Relations and Public Affairs firm, unveiled its unique and advanced crisis management suite C-Plan, offering companies and brands to proactively build systems and capabilities to manage and mitigate crisis. The newly launched product is designed by bringing in expertise and capabilities of multiple teams ranging from stakeholder management, policy advocacy, media relations and digital media along with content management.

On the announcement of this advanced service offering, Mr. Aman Gupta, Managing Partner, SPAG Asia said, “The strength of our firm has always been to provide impactful outcome to our clients through various communication verticals. This new service offering is another step towards our mission, which is purely based on protecting and managing the reputation of clients in today’s difficult times. It is like taking insurance for future risks.”

“The newly launched C-Plan model has been crafted with unique features that will help and guide brands to fence themselves from possible crisis and mitigate the impact in today’s ever-dynamic world” added Mr. Gupta.

“Given the economic, political and social environment of the country, organizations are highly susceptible to crisis situations, which can risk their reputation among stakeholders. Coupled with citizen journalism, where everyone enjoys the freedom of sharing his or her opinion, the damage gets aggravated manifold and affects the corporate image. With a tailor-made approach across genres of earned editorial, advertorial and social media, SPAG Asia aims to deliver the best crisis communication campaigns for mitigating risks” said Mr. Siddhartha Kashyap, Chief Operating Officer, SPAG Asia.

The specialized understanding of the changing media landscape and the ability to translate unique brand insights into a strategy to protect brand reputation is what makes the firm stand out from among the rest and this unique proposition is backed by a strong team of seasoned communication professionals with years of experience in various facets of communication – be it media relationships, stakeholder outreach or digital campaigns.

Headquartered in Singapore with its India offices in Gurgaon and Mumbai, SPAG Asia has worked across various sectors like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, not-for-profit, education, FMCG and retail. The firm boasts of having the strongest network of affiliates, spread across 175 locations in India, and is also a part of many international networks, including Baird CMC, and Chemia.

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