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For students and professionals in the technology field, finding single source for skill refresh and career advancement has long been a challenge. Thanks to the brand new innovative platform, students can prepare for viable careers in the technology industry and companies can also get details for right talent.

Payush Gupta, an IIT alumni and also founder of the portal says, we offer skills tests, tutorials, online training, corporate training and career growth plan to help professional ready themselves for the ideal career in new challenging job environment. Soon, we will announce the launch of a Hire Right Talent Services (resume analytics). It stands apart from the crowd by combining skill development and hire right talent under one roof, offering online training for new technological skills, and reducing cycle time in the technical hiring process.

Users can go to the company’s website and take a free online skills test to see what areas they need to brush up on for their desired niche. This test was created by experts based on OEM certified examination papers. After choosing the subject where help is needed, users can then choose to use e-tutorials, video tutorials, or online training. It has a multitude of subjects (> 500+ skills, > 20+ thousand pages content) available in its online test, e-tutorial and video tutorial arsenal and users can find and click on desired training in less than a minute and be on their way to learning more on that subject.

It offers online training that is instructor-led for many technological subjects including, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Cyber Security, Big Data, Python, Hadoop, Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, Linux, Android and MongoDB, and instructors are Industry Experts Certified Trainers.

Hiring right talent can be challenging for a company. Finding a candidate with the right skills can become an exhausting exercise example – candidates generally mention too many skills on their resume along with their main skill. When the corporates search on job portals for a particular skill then the search result may show many irrelevant resumes due to a large number of skills mentioned by the candidates along with their main skill. This leads to huge wastage of recruiter’s precious time.

Can provide a quick solution to this problem in there resume analytics service, where on a click of a drop down menu, corporate can find the right skill and right domain candidates who are already vetted by a team of subject matter experts and also assessed with the help of our online test process.

Users agree that it is an excellent portal for technology education and career growth plan that has a very experienced team keeping all tests, tutorials, online training up-to-date and informative.

About (Jun 30, 2015)

A unique platform created to help people further their careers in technology by enhancing skills and also to help companies to find right talent in technology within shortest period of time.

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