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Jul 4, 2015: Why call these social media? A better name is cronies antisocial media, or can you improvise? We know celebrities are paying and taken over popular social clubs to lure as many followers with short-term sensations! But can even platforms like Twiters or WhatCaps be allowed to push “popular in your network” selfie ads to any mobile they like thanks to absense of #NetNeutrality and thriving corporate nexus via bhakt lobbyists? If Twiters, WhatCaps or other paid media entities can push their agendas riding on 007G spectrum scammers, why can’t common mobile users or small organisations send unlimited SMS in their own ways without relying on these corruption driven cronie monopolies? If not, this a clear indication of Govt bias for such BIG corporate predators who in turn help the politician, its branded party emblems and other celebrities gain popularity or so-called millions of followers with deception.

It is only about people who smartly run the loot shows, nothing else. Startups or small players (as called by cronies for most clean entities) with essentially no lobbying clout whatsoever – they are, almost by definition, not well-connected or do not want to be connected the crony-way, period! At grassroots level, glorified entities like Twiters, WhatCaps, Facebooks etc. are opposing but mostly comparable to forces like ISIS Slogans, Taliban Agenda, Terrorist Ploys, etc.. of course in more acceptable crony capitalism avatars, spreading tentacles thanks to vested west media propaganda in association with locally famous desi-chors and technology business gurus. It is not difficult to imagine a #smartcity of 2050, hallucinated human pigs carrying holy gadgets, brainwashed 24/7 by cronies.

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