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Green is the colour of life. Green is evergreen and a universal colour it signifies the life cycle in which the one that goes away comes back in the form of a new and a tiny life which grows with time to retain the same shape and form. Green is the colour of leaves and grass which is the food of the animals and other domesticated animals. Cows and buffalo’s eat the grass and give us milk and other dairy products. The colours of the vegetables we consume are also in green in color well mostly. It is the main source of fiber for us.

The way we see nature is in green colour the plants, shrubs, herbs and the tree with its big green covering gives us shelter from the harsh rays of the sun as well from the rain. We see green in different hues and shades the old leaves are in darker green whereas the recent ones to have emerged are lighter in shades .The leafy pattern is extensively used in embroidery and in paintings. Green coloured screens and curtains are used to cover the windows and doors of hospitals or health centers as green relaxes the eye muscles and eases out the tension.

Children are often taught to draw the compound leaf in their botany projects. The distinguishing feature of this kind of leaf is that the base is broad and narrowing at the top. Green is used in fabrics, draperies the walls and also in accessories related to interiors. Green looks best with earthy tones and white. The green leaf Melon knob is made of ceramic and is part of melon family.

The white colour knob is hand made into a perfect melon shape by expert artisans and sculptures. The highlight of this kind of knob is the compound leaf in bottle green. The compound leaf is hand painted using natural colours. This ceramic knob can be ideally used in the drawer and cabinets of drawers and cabinets of the pantry as well as the bathroom furniture. The ceramic knobs are easy to apply with the attachment which is available in silver, gold as well as bronze finish.

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