App Developed By Hidden Brains Infotech Features in Discovery Newswatch

Core Organizer App, developed by Hidden Brains Infotech, a Mobile App Development Company in India was featured on the Discovery Channel in the United States on July 10, 2015. Core Organizer is one of its kind application that allows you to store massive amounts of information about the user – organized into different categories or modules. Modules comprises of categories like House, Contacts, Finances, Sports, Health, Entertainment, Travel, etc. with info appropriate to that module. While 5 modules are provided free with the application, users can get access to more of their choice via in-app purchases.

However, what makes Core Organizer app all the more reliable is its secure system, that allows users to record and upload photos to each one of these modules without worrying, because the app is email and password protected. Moreover, the Core Organizer app uses Amazon S3 technology to sync all your information over multiple devices – either it is your iPhone or iPad.

The unique features of the application that makes it worthy to be featured in NewsWatch Review @ Discovery Channel is based on the theory “Remember, Plan and Do”. The Core Organizer app allows users to seamlessly organize their life and work, besides providing a secure storehouse for capturing and organizing private information.

Hidden Brains can help businesses realize their innovative mobile app ideas into reality at the App Store; thus increasing productivity, enhancing collaboration and driving more transactions. To explore the best of services, schedule your meeting at and Discover Possibilities as to how Hidden Brains’ innovative enterprise solutions can help your business transcend to the next level.

About Hidden Brains: Hidden Brains is a global provider of IT consulting and Enterprise Solutions in India catering to various technology platforms and addressing complex business challenges across diverse industry domains like education, real estate, hospitality, security, healthcare, retail, banking, oil and gas.

About Discovery Channel: Discovery Channel is one of the most coveted television network that offers high-quality non-fiction entertainment from science and technology, to ancient and contemporary history, adventure, etc. and remains one of the most dynamic networks on television. Discovery Channel broadcasts into 96M households in the US, has 180 million subscribers in Asia Pacific and caters to 200 global markets.

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