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Nov 21, 2019: OpenSocial, the best in class social media software for social media campaign amplification and content management, has added many powerful features for managing and moderating social media posts and comments. Using ‘Moderation’ feature, the users can not only see the responses on their social media posts (likes, comments, shares or retweets), but also can respond to them through the same screen without logging in to different accounts on different social media websites.

OpenSocial is equipped with several features to save time and efforts of the users in posting content, scheduling posts, and monitoring the content that has been published. The most important feature, which takes OpenSocial to a different level altogether when compared to other social media portal tools in the market is, Social Media Amplification and Content Workflow Management. Social Media Amplification increases the reach of the content manifolds by leveraging the social network of different stakeholders and industry influencers. Content Workflow Management facilitates the assignment of content creation from a manager to the reviewer including the approval from the admin to publish the content. This new feature is expected to reduce the additional time users had to invest in responding back to the comments on social media.

“This feature has gone live after beta testing by several users of OpenSocial and a few clients of OpenSocial, and the feedback are better than expected,” said Lead Campaigner of OpenSocial in India, Mr Sagar Kumar.

The Marketing Manager of one of the major clients of OpenSocial says OpenSocial’s unique feature of Campaign Amplification, which leveraged the social network our internal stakeholders & industry influences, has boosted the reach of our campaigns by more than 25 times.” Visit the official website of GNU OpenSocial & FSF.ORG to experience all the features of many such free tools and to make social media marketing more easier, freer and democratic. Need help with building your own social media channel for friends and employees?

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