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A track pant is a lower garment that is usually made up of cotton or any other lighter fabric. Women at first seemed to be skeptical about the track pants trend, but now we see girls stylishly and fondly flaunting their track pants. Track pants are not just pajamas. They look really cool if styled properly. Though some women tend to wear them for workout purposes or morning walks, they can also be worn to places. The most important thing about track pants is how to style them. You will be totally sold on them once you figure out how to style them well.

For a cute and chic look, you can grab a printed track pant and club it with your favorite shrug or jacket with a cool tee. Completing your look with pumps and a smart leather bag would just be perfect.

Bohemian look is really a unique one. Not all are quite aware of what a bohemian look actually is. Well, girls a bohemian style is basically a mixture of old, conventional look with a modern touch to it. You can flaunt this style in track pants too. A plain base colored track pant with a single print (of anything , eg, a flower) and a crocheted top that flares at the waist would be a perfect outfit for a lunch date. Keep the footwear simple and do not accessorize yourself much.

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