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Horse is one gorgeous looking animal that has been domesticated since old age. It is a majestic animal with immense power capable of running at a speed often termed as horse power. It is the physical capacity to do work or required for sports. The physical appearance of the horse is very breath taking with thick hair that moves to and fro when in speed or motion. Very often we see in old paintings and murals the pictures of horses. They were used in warfare and were mounted by kings or the solders in the battlefields. The strength of the horse lies in the huge thigh muscles which give them the strength to perform these odd jobs.

The horses are kept in the stable where they are fed and breed. They are bathed daily using a metal comb to scrub them this activity relaxes their tired muscles and enable them to relax .The female horse is known as a mare and gives birth to her young ones after she turns four year old. The young pony that has just arrived is ready to face the world within minutes after its birth. The mare is used to mount the bridegroom till the wedding venue this is considered very auspicious to do so. The horses are fed grass or black chick peas and they need their proteins if they need to excel in the sports events or otherwise.

They are also used by policemen, in agriculture also. The shoe worn by a black horse is often hung on the entrance door to ward off evils and for good luck. Keeping a picture of a running horses in the house bring good luck and fame. The ceramic horse painted knob is a cartoon sketch of the head of the horse and has been hand painted and created by master craftsmen and artisans who are expert of their trade. The colour scheme has been kept in black and white to add style and grace to be used on the drawers, cabinets and wardroom in the masters bedroom or the boy’s room.

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