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Swami Vivekananda said Arise, awake & stop not till the goal is reached which ≠ twisted preaching for selfie profiteering goals – votes, notes, brands, cuts, adverts.. Are you feeling emotional with smart विश्वगुरु neta’s branding appeals to give up subsidy and your fundamental rights? Do not forget that if you are getting subsidized energy, education, housing, health or anything else – you are not taking any freebies or sucking from the government reserves. You have already paid for your own so-called subsidy and for many others, in form of multiple taxes you pay every hour to reckless governments and few of its beneficiary bhakts – the consolidated funds of Indian Union is NOT filled by any branded parties or its charming leaders! The socialistic pattern of the country and its complicated and woven form of subsidy already ensures that those who have enough give whatever they can, for those who do not have much. – Aug 9, 2015

The looting bhakts & co dare preach common citizens to give up of subsidies and their common resources / rights as if these bugs are managing our country out of their family’s hard earned wealth and doing us some favor. And again, the world is going through the Acche Din phase in terms of commodity prices and war mongering. The spirituality lessons of Swami Vivekananda are spread just for marketing PR and to enhance their brand’s vote रेवाड़ी by hypnotizing the vulnerable youth!

This is especially good for countries like India, who are net importers of energy. We always feel generous during such good times. The price of crude oil is at around $45 per barrel. Let’s rewind to 2008. Crude oil was rushing towards $100 a barrel and breached $145 per barrel. Those were times when China was busy buying and commodity prices sky rocketed.

Before it fell to a ditch-like low of $40, the seven months were the toughest for Indian oil companies. They were running out of money, and the government was going into a tizzy. There was immense pressure from the oil marketing companies to cut down subsidies, as the infrequent oil price hikes were not helping them. While it is impossible to know what could have happened, had crude remained at around $100, the shape of subsidies would have been different. In worst case, capitalist governments are always open to the ideas of selling off public assets to its party funding cronies and suck more taxes from citizens via smart policy injections right, left & center.

The world has become a very uncertain place now, where black swan incidents are expected and any change in the commodity cycle may put you in the red. Crude oil apart, all the trends indicate towards inflation which might soon catch up with the middle-class householder. The prices of vegetables and fruits are already hitting hard. The year 2015 has been the hottest year ever since temperature is being recorded, making it a bad year for all crops. The prices of daal have already breached highs and rice is all set to get just as expensive.

After 7th pay commission to lure worker babus for indirect political favor of hyping to 95% non-govt population of voters, India may reach unusual inflation levels. Amidst this season, the good tidings of ‘Acche Din’ in terms of salary hikes for the private sector and job opportunities have not improved and will NOT improve anytime soon either. This is the householder’s side of the story. From the other end, the subsidy is being promised to those who are much more downtrodden than a middle class householder.

The definition of poverty in India is very vague. A number of households who cook over firewood, however, are not necessarily poor, moreover cooking over wood is best for health and taste, but only issue is big cronies greed for forest invasion never stops. Many Indian villages have homes where women cook using firewood while watching their favourite TV shows on their televisions or mobile OTT app with a spyware enabled gadgets to measure TRPs and viewer profiling and other traceable hand gadgets on table. Since cable is not very reliable, a number of them prefer dish TV connections, and it is a common sight to see them on thatched roofs.

Just a reminder that a TV costs around Rs 12,000 or more, while a gas stove can be purchased for Rs 1,200. The cost of a satellite TV connection is no less than Rs 200 a month. If the same household wanted to shift to a gas stove with an LPG connection, it is very much affordable. Yet, India has a number of those that Emma Lazarus would have referred to as ‘huddled masses yearning to breathe free’. And, it is not smoke from the firewood that is choking them.

If चाणक्य’s IAS/IPS Babus, its Chelas, Babas, Chors, ChorBhakts & ChorBhaktAgents truly understood the concept of “Ram Rajya Wonderland” – atleast ChorBhakti would have been given up after exit of white daddies smartness, not just replaced with brown alternatives! Life’s great and wonderful if you can color yourself with अधर्म chors, else you will be certified for not being socially aligned – a bunch of uneducated political gangs will dare to certify you as some unpatriotic anti-national tag, what shameless Nazis these digitally injected bhakts are becoming. If you cannot protect future generations from being indoctrinated, its better to wind up and abandon acceptable social hysteria, political correctness and value system mutations – and let the real change forces take over.

The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him – that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free – #SwamiVivekananda

भारतीय पूच यात्रा: Every blind #bhakt claims a beautiful mind until it carefully stares at mirrors of real wisdom! – Sudhir Panda

Developed Swami’s rewrite like many other things: “Strength is ChorBhakti, GiveUpChorBhakti is Death”
Ref: DNA India

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