Gangavaram Port conducts Mega Medical Camp

Gangavaram Port Limited today organized a Mega medical camp for the local community people in the surrounding area. The camp was conducted at Nadupuru High School, Peda Gantyada Mandal, Visakhapatnam and was inaugurated by Sri Palla Srinivasa Rao, M.Tech, MBA, Hon’ble MLA, Gajuwaka Assembly Constituency in the presence GPL staff. The campaign was supported by a team of 12 Expert doctors with multi specialties and Gitam Dental College team. The initiative was a part of Gangavaram Port Corporate Social Responsibility program which has been specially designed to bring an improvement in the society. The health camp provided free treatment and medication to the locals and created awareness about the prevention techniques for a better living.

The camp which started from 10:00am onwards had a well qualified panel of doctors to examine the patients. The participants at the camp went through a systematic process of checkups followed by preliminary diagnosis and consultation by the doctors. The camp received a tremendous response from the villagers. The villagers appreciated the GPL management gesture and expressed their gratitude for a successful execution of the camp. Total 609 persons were given treatment and distributed medicines for free of cost. Total 12 specialized doctors and Gitam Dental College team had given their valuable services.

Commenting on the initiative, Sri D.T.Naik, Director (Corporate Affairs) Gangavaram Port Limited said, “The free camp services are especially offered to the needy patients who cannot afford quality healthcare services. This camp is organized as a part of our social development program to ensure well being of our neighbourhood. We aim to improve the health of the general public & help to reduce the prevalent diseases in the city by providing medical services to the people in our surrounding villages.” Also Sri G Brahmaiah, Director (Strategy & Planning), Sri V Janardhana Rao, Director (Operations) and Sri. K. Raja Ratnam Naidu, Senior Vice-President (R R & Security) also participated in the program.

Gangavaram Port is committed towards to the development of the community and society and this camp is a step to spread the message of healthy living.

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