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Oct 3, 2015: Digitization is revolutionizing the market for data centers, forcing companies to review their IT systems and make the necessary adaptations. CeBIT 2016 will bring together the full range of offerings involving the Data Center of the Future, while introducing some exciting new angles in both its exhibition and conference segments. According to an IDC survey covering several European nations, data centers at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are on average seven years old. This underscores the special urgency for SMEs to upgrade and modernize their facilities, since in an age of rapidly growing data quantities and steadily rising cost pressure, an antiquated infrastructure can lead to serious problems.

Apart from getting a firsthand look at the latest products and solutions, attending professionals will also benefit from an expanded conference program. For the first time, topics involving the construction, planning and management of state-of-the-art data centers will be discussed on two separate stages. One stage will be reserved for the “DCD Converged” conference, covering infrastructure-related themes, while the other stage will be devoted to a conference covering software and open-source-related issues.

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