Social restrict postings as expected of cronies network

We restricted many hype apps, spammers and tools.. now getting some return gifts. Shooting messengers using hyped media platforms. Finally, promoters of twitter restricted our postings as expected of the cronies network taken over by political masters, who fear few real tweets can potentially harm their perpetual gimmickry, existence and loot culture since time immemorial. #JaiJugad muting effect for those really supporting #NetNeutrality – not the ones buying followers or bribing for likes. No surprise if blocked for not bowing down to liars or cronies.

There are lots of reasons not to use Facebook. You have less of a problem with Twitter from a privacy and ownership standpoint, but their open hostility toward 3rd party developers, forcing all links to go through their link tracking service, and general movement toward becoming a media and advertising company instead of the open communications platform it has the potential to be have dampened your desire to use it. We will develop and post a twitter-like platform on – let’s dare how far such fancy looters can go! We have created our own dedicated social channels.

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