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Techvedic, an IT firm popular for its on-demand subscription-based technical support, has marked its entry into the business technology services with the today’s launch of cloud-enabled sales automation solution for marketers and retailers of varying sizes and types
The solution comes with a web-based control panel to allow business heads to manage sales and marketing and get insights into data and forecast opportunity well in advance using any device of their choice. The software-as-a-service subscription-based solution can be used by different users, based on the chosen plan types, to share and collaborate from anywhere, anytime to acquire leads, manage contacts and conclude sales. Real-time visibility and efficient account management are the key features that the company believes is going to give its sales automation solution an edge over the rivals.

It should be understood that Techvedic is not going to offer any proprietary technology framework. Rather, it would work as a third-party IT consulting and technology development and support partner, and help clients to find the right fit to cope with the emerging needs. Responding to a query on the type of technology framework that the company will use in its sales automation solution, Sumit Ruhela, VP, Business development said: “We have a team with in-depth understanding of different technology frameworks like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, and many more. The choice of framework will depend solely on the demand of our partners.” (Nov 4, 2015)

Retorting to a question on security risks pertaining to applications and operations, Mr. Ruhela said, “Our sales automation solution will be equipped with 128-bit enterprise-grade encryption technique to prevent any intrusion. Its payment gateway component will be complaint to PCI-DSS standards.” He further added, “Role level access and idle-disconnect provide another layer of security to shoppers. The former is to make sure that the buyer’s preferences and financial records will only be available to designated employees based on their successful authentication and the latter will work at the buyer’s end, and deter any kind of unauthorized access attempts to happen, even if the session is left unattended mistakenly by the shoppers.”

Techvedic has affirmed about its integration capability. It means, users can connect it with popular apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, QuickBooks, etc. to improve the flow of information, customer reporting, workflow automation, and collaboration that are vital for streamlining the sales process.

In the wake of the growing e-Commerce trend, it’s clear that the company has taken a prudent step. However, it would be interesting to watch that how the company will overpower the existing competitors to secure a ground for itself.

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