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Recently, Global Educates, an online educational portal, re-launched their ‘revamped’ education portal. The online portal, as explained by the CEO of the company, aims to facilitate the educational journey of the students. From K-12 to Post graduation, the portal caters to the needs of all sections of the society. Global Educates provides an exhaustive list of colleges, schools, preschools. Additionally, to cater to the needs of international aspirants, the portal also provides detailed information on colleges abroad. An elated Vaibhav Sinha, CEO Global Educates, said, “India’s education system is quite complex. Our aim is to help the students achieve their big-education-dream. We want to help them make choices that will not only make their life better, but will also simplify the education process”. “We have only just begun. Our mission is to help connect millions of education seekers to providers to create a strong international community. We want a collaborative society, where people can get any and every information with just a click of a mouse,” said Mr Sinha while re-launching the portal Dec 8, 2015.

About Global Educates: The online portal consists of a whole host of features for the students and their parents choose their preferred education destination. The website provides a detailed list of preschools and schools across India. The website also provides all the information like their history, best features offered by these schools, location on a map, and much more. All this is available with just a click of the mouse. Further, to facilitate the education journey of higher education seekers, the portal offers a comprehensive list of educational institutes from India and abroad. These colleges in India and abroad carry essential information like student facilities, facts, historical information, and achievements of these colleges. All this helps the educational community make informed decisions and choices.

The world of education is complex and a student-friendly portal as Global Educates can help the students achieve their goals. Each year, India witnesses various leading entrance exams like the CAT, JEE, AIPMT, and many more. How will students know everything about these exams? How will they decide, which admission to appear for? Therefore, in this revamped website, the portal aims to provide key information regarding examination dates, application form, last dates, application fee, and other eligibility information. In addition to educational news, the website also has a ‘blog section’ that carries a whole host of articles. From policy changes to implementation of student opinions, the plethora of options available to the student community is never ending. Moreover, students can post comments and ask questions from experts, regarding their queries.

Social media has become an important tool of communication in this age. The team at Global Educates has employed this tool quite efficiently to interact with the education community. Through its various social media tools like Facebook page, Twitter page, and Google Plus community page, the team is able to interact with a very wide set of audience.

It is the vision of Mr Sinha, and hard work of his team at Global Educates, that their community has more than 47,000 active members on Facebook. This has allowed the company to interact with a wide set of audience and help them cope with the challenges faced by them. Recently, Global Educates was also awarded the most innovative start-up brand by a Denmark based education survey. The consistent hard work and application by the team of Global Educates has helped them grow beyond the confines and boundaries.

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