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Merry Christmas and हर हर New Year 2024: As we come to official opening of a year that will again be full of both new challenges, losses and mixed successes, we would like to wish you all the best throughout this great Roman year. Hope everyone will gain more strength while finding real truths of life and true happiness in the upcoming year, as change is the buzzword in every area!

That reminds, how many people will you or your organization call to boost results this year or the next! …Not many really – just kidding. But honestly, isn’t it easier for you to suggest people to check your digital catalog, AI assets, mobile app or website. Actually, just wanted to make a point: how integral a part of our lives and businesses, the powerful ‘Website enabled Apps’ are becoming! It also helps you to send such announcements and mailers to your own customers with your own custom message at your own terms, not at mercy of extortionists and monsters like Faceless Books, AI abusers, crooks of the establishment, Whats Spy Apps, Goo Play Machines or cluttered Xweets!

Don’t get lured or fooled by the popular, cheap lure and highly advertised hosting or digital service providers, you may lose long term reputation of your own websites, apps, natural resources and businesses just for saving few bucks, while endorsing, enslaving en-masse and worshiping big brands! Own your brands and fight for rights of every other entity. Host and promote using local, business class, white-listed and less crowded servers, stand-out against monopolies of big daddies, hyper brands and old rocks – lead for a better, decentralized and secure Internet for you and your next generations!

Ponder on how to join the growing cult of Digitally Unbranded Kaal for those historic big name abusers sitting on lumps of looted wealth cum deeply private empires.. choose between AI Slavery and democratic land masses (ram rajya in true sense). For survival, dump those anti-UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) devices, leaders, brands, parties, celebs, events, god-men, nations and related sermons!

Establishing global networks and gaining access to new markets, like-minded cultures and business opportunities. In an upcoming series soon, we will discuss what exactly is meant by “global digitability”, look at as well as examine best practices for implementing truly independent (आत्मनिर्भर) digital plans for development of humanity. Greetings and Happy New Year celebrating human-rights, affirmed native creeds, blended orthodoxy, roman outreach, vedic wisdom, chinese peace, Islamic bravery, African pride, global knowledge and justice for all, especially for the oppressed souls everywhere!

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