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Jan 17, 2016: The enriched cronies will need to spit many more new branding salivas viz #Startup #Swachh to cover up the innovative platforms of loot on which they profit, develop and preach since time immemorial. We at last got some wisdom to read between the good cop / bad cop policies of the so-called opinion leaders and for them real outrages will not be visible so easily and so soon. There are many strategic tools available to fool and engage the masses. Normally, such public fund allocations are meant to benefit #ChorBhaktAgents who worked hard to build master brands, just enjoy the feel good perfumes for some time until the next cyclical group comes for similar age-old rescues, and perpetual hunger eradication of their gangs of agents. It will a historic peaceful revolution, if paradigms shift this time and this way.

Pure “Jugaad” is how cronies of star brands creep into rich lists, contribute towards development and offer 6-7 figure salaries or investments (indirect bribe) to high-fliers with fanfare, the real capable ones sticking to ethics are either not part of all those hyped cozy gymkhana networks or they cannot work / tolerate such suckers logically! Unless you are a commoner, pick up from many hot options to hate such raw ideas – “Chor ki dhadi me tinka” fits perfect. An unpleasant surprise for cronies: Most smart losers also knows all the success jugaad mantras, but do not adamantly compromise their rightful value systems for more bucks or fame unless the universe is exploding next week.

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