Mobile is Driving Holiday Shopping

M-commerce will rise in the coming years as e-commerce grows to become a larger portion of total retail sales. In 2019 m-commerce comprised over a quarter of total e-commerce – more than doubling since 2015. Forecast m-commerce will reach $500 billion, or 70% of the total e-commerce market, by end of 205.

Some reports predicts m-commerce volume to rise at a 25.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019 to hit $488.0 billion, or 64% of e-commerce, in 2025. And there are two key devices driving the m-commerce revolution: smartphones and tablets. Despite historically suffering poor conversion rates because of customer frustration from having to checkout on a small screen, smartphones have become the driving force behind m-commerce growth. US volume is poised to increase from $128.4 billion in 2019 to $418.9 billion through 2025. Tablets, though paling in comparison to smartphone m-commerce volume, are also massively contirnuting to the success of m-commerce. Expects $29 billion to be spent on tablets in 2019, increasing to $69 billion in 2025 – an 18% CAGR.

The impact that mobile had on the holiday shopping season is undeniably getting stronger each year. With mobile devices in-hand or never far from their side, consumers are adopting new pre-shopping behaviors that demonstrate why retailers need to be thinking about Cyber Month, not just Cyber Monday or Cyber Week. An analysis of more than 200 retail apps engaged holiday shoppers throughout.. the findings, observations and recommendations are interesting. How Mobile Made Happier Holidays can help guide your path in a world where mobile influence is doubling year-over-year.

And m-commerce is poised to burst into the mainstream thanks to a host of technological advances that are making it easier for people to shop on their phones. Below, we’ve outlined the road ahead for m-commerce growth and detailed some mobile shopping statistics. Mobile also offers an impressive selection of antiques shops and galleries with a wide variety of collectibles, vintage finds and funky pieces. Some features locally-owned specialty shops featuring high-end clothing, jewelry, furniture and home accessories – you can definitely shop till you drop in Mobile!

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