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Anti-competitive pricing by big tech & govt pampered bhakts are mostly responsible for shutdown of many unfriendly enterprises including Net4india and many unknown service agencies. Customers affected include domain owners, web developers, online retailers, and small businesses, among others. It also includes major organizations affecting their annual revenue due to monopolizing behavior of large brands and desi + west govt’s focus on its own election bond sponsors and smartly silencing dissent with covert sanctions.

Last few years are witnessing almost 200% Price Rise by Domain Registries across all Top-Level-Domain. A definitive positioning statement signaling dangerous re-rise of international cartels. This will mostly affect small and medium enterprises / global entities, operating on a universal scale as geographical boundaries are becoming meaningless.

Counting of some enhancements, overall looming depression and to reflect values of some offerings more accurately most tech firms are revising prices on Domains, Privacy Something, fancy AI clouds hooked to NSA and email bigdata hosting. After imposing its many pandemic fee increases during last 2 years, Verisign says it will again raise the price on .com domains whenever its tech bots feel appropriate! Limits on greed means nothing when we’re talking about the profit…

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