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Not ₹9500, its ₹2500 for few days only!! The .GLOBAL is a Top-Level-Domain that identifies you as being a Global organization. .GLOBAL makes a definitive positioning statement signaling your International business operations – a strong and important message for organizations of all sizes who aim to transact on a global platform. .GLOBAL gives organizations large and small a name that broadcasts and identifies them as global entities, operating on a universal scale. .GLOBAL takes the top position in a business domain hierarchy unifying all geographic and sub-TLDs under one global umbrella for the ultimate universal coverage. .GLOBAL offers a trusted space entirely dedicated to existing and aspiring brands that aim to reach a market that transcends geographic and commercial borders. .GLOBAL renders geographical boundaries as meaningless.

Boundaries mean nothing when we’re talking about the planet. Here is an opportunity for businesses to elevate and strategize to a higher level. .GLOBAL enables and encourages brands to be innovative and creative, make all of your online identity count, even right of the dot! .GLOBAL offers real innovation to brands, to think bigger, to think globally – if not today then prepare for tomorrow. Book a basic website hosting plan & get free .global domain only at http://indiahosting.org

Why .GLOBAL makes sense for you

  • Give your customers’ organizations a name that broadcasts and identifies them as global entities, operating on a universal scale
    .GLOBAL provides instant worldwide recognition for your customers brands – whatever their size
  • With a. GLOBAL extension, you can give your customers the opportunity to be included in a non-restrictive open registration policy
  • GLOBAL is understood in countless languages across the world giving your customers domain universal recognition and meaning
  • Using .GLOBAL as the domain descriptor positions your customers’ organization as bold and limitless.

GLOBAL is descriptive
Registering your domains under the .GLOBAL top-level domain makes every part of your online identity count. The word global means something universal, worldwide, all-inclusive, non-discriminating and limitless.

.GLOBAL is forward-thinking
A modern and great way for you to express the global nature of your idea, organization, company or movement.

.GLOBAL for international
Global is a well-known word in many languages which gives it universal recognition. .GLOBAL also supports many local languages and characters (IDNs).

.GLOBAL is well-suited for generic names and communities and offers a great opportunity to reach an international audience. Examples: travel.global, banking.global, think.global, dating.global and rent.global.

Why go GLOBAL with OSSPL?
PrimeLinuxers are not really in “low price” space. They’re more in the managed, “just fine” space. A significant chunk of digital India public that wants to host and run web / mobile applications, private email servers, etc. but wants someone else to handle the system administration. That’s the core OSSPL offering – you can pick shared, VPS, dedicated server, etc. but what you’re really buying is the engineer at 5 AM who’s there to fix your problems w/o jargon. Get your .global domain via booking a basic hosting plan at http://indiahosting.org

7 thoughts on “Get a free domain name with Hosting

  1. The domain name can be directly connected if it is registered with the same provider from whom the user also has a hosting plan. You can also follow this below-mentioned process to connect domain names with web hosting providers.

    • Sign-in to your web hosting provider account.
    • Click on “domain list” and then click the “manage” button.
    • Now select the web hosting DNS from the drop-down menu and enter your hosting server.
    • Now, click on the tick box to save changes.
  2. Any kind of web hosting comes with the control panel software and cPanel is one of the leading and traditional panels which is extensively used by the web hosting providers. cPanel eases the overall task of managing the site through its features like graphical interface and automated tools. In short, it simplifies the complexities of website management and makes the system more approachable to users and developers.

  3. When launching or revamping a website, select the most suitable web hosting provider with thorough research. Cloud hosting providers offer space on their servers for hosting websites, mailboxes and help businesses to become accessible on the internet. We analyze multiple providers every year to help you choose the most valuable and affordable Cloud hosting providers for Indian websites.

  4. Shared hosting simply means sharing resources and storage space with other websites. However, in VPS, the virtual environment is made up by the hosting provider, where you get all the resources and server to yourself but in a shared hosting environment.

  5. Well, it totally depends on the kind of website you wish to host. For instance, if it’s a small-scale website and not so heavy on resources, then the user can easily opt for shared web hosting, however, if the website is medium-scale, the one can opt for VPS hosting. Similarly, if the website is based on WordPress, then there are special hosting plans for such websites. And, for large-scale and resource heavy websites can choose dedicated servers by opting for dedicated hosting plans.

  6. Yes, one can host a website for free by installing free web hosting services which provide hosting of websites for free for a specific period. Few web hosting providers also offer freebies such as one-year free trial or allow hosting of one website free, where the user can run free website hosting at no cost to see if it might work for them or not. However, if one opts for the free web hosting route, then be prepared for complications such as instability, downtime and restriction on bandwidth, traffic capacity, hacking, server space, surveillance, privacy theft, brand name dilution etc., that come along with it.

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