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Feb 3, 2016: A job as a lecturer requires a lot of experience, research and qualifications that must be met. A lecturer must have something to provide to the people they are lecturing, but they must also possess the proper qualifications and experience before searching for jobs.

In order to become a lecturer, you will need to have a degree in higher education. In the vast majority of cases, you will need to have a PhD in a relevant field. This means that you will need to first obtain your bachelor’s degree followed by a Master’s degree. It’s important to note that you will not need a teaching qualification, but a teaching qualification will help you during your first year as a lecturer. Many employers in this field believe that a lecturer that has teaching qualifications will find a job faster. For example you can try to search

Research Experience
Becoming a lecturer requires you to have research experience. Much of this experience will be gained during your schooling, and you will likely be required to undertake independent research as part of your PhD. This research should then be published in articles or books to help boost your validity as a lecturer. Boosting your CV will require that you communicate your ideas with your colleagues and peers, and employers will want to see that you have conducted research before they consider hiring you.

Finding a Job as A Lecturer
The information previously recommended is a must-have for anyone that wants to enter a career as a lecturer. You need to be able to meet the research and experience requirements before you can go on to find a job. Friends in academia and colleagues will be your best resource for letting the world know that you are planning to secure a lecturer job.

You also want to take a list of:
• Colleges that are hiring
• Universities that are hiring
• Departments that are looking for temporary staff to gain experience

This is a field where you truly need to get your foot in the door before moving up the career ladder. The first place that I recommend that you look is at your own university or college. Since you were educated at the respective Institute, they will value your education greatly and may have an opening for an upcoming lecturer. Don’t forget that you will need to apply for these jobs even if you are an internal employee. Most universities will need to promote the job publicly due to legal reasons even if their intentions are to hire internally.

Finding a job as a lecturer is no different than trying to find a job in any other field. This means that you need to boost your credentials, and may also need to take a standard teaching job to show your ability and skill to teach through lecturing. The typical job search will need to be conducted via:

• Off-line publications
• Online search sites
• Classified ads

Research is truly the key to employment in this field, as you will need to separate yourself from other candidates. If you are able to demonstrate through research that you have a strong understanding and expertise in a particular area, it will help bolster your chances of landing an interview and getting a job as a lecturer.

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