FORE School collaborates with Vietnam for management education and training.

FORE School of Management, New Delhi based premium B-School signs MOU, with University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City and other top universities of Vietnam to promote academic collaboration and training. Last year a learned group of experts in diverse fields of management and economics comprising of Faculty, Director and President, Board of Directors of the institute have undertaken a country specific study tour to learn and share developments in business and industry, with academicians and industry experts of the host country. The tour was flagged off by TRAN QUAN TUYEN, Minister and Deputy Mission of Vietnam Embassy in India and BACH THANH BINH, Head of Political and Cultural Section, Vietnam Embassy in India. The study tour is being followed by a compilation of research articles on business and economy of Vietnam contributed by faculty members of the tour. The publication of the book is expected to happen soon.

Earlier, Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director of the FORE School of Management, speaking to Vietnam Economic News’s My Phung, said, “We see huge potential for cooperation with local Vietnamese educational partners, because the country is growing at a fast clip. This is why our delegation, which includes 35 professors, recently visited Ho Chi Minh City. We want Vietnamese students to learn more about India and about FORE and we want to learn more about Vietnam, to learn from Vietnamese professionals more about the local business scenario and situation. To further this process, we have signed an MOU with the local university. To encourage and invite Vietnamese students to undertake MBA programs at FORE, we plan to offer five scholarships worth more than 90,000 USD. We hope to carry out training programs here and strengthen our cooperation with Vietnam as a significant contribution to capacity building, which is an important pillar of bilateral co-operation between India and Vietnam”.

When asked as to how would FORE attract students of Vietnam, Dr. Das responded, “One very important factor is the high quality education and training at FORE costs much lower than schools in more developed countries. We have a wide network of prestigious partner institutions to make the education we offer our students truly international. For example, our affiliations include the Rennes School of Business and Savannah State University, USA. Hence the latest international trends and developments are delivered in the wide range of Post Graduate Courses in management to meet the needs of students and the industry, including a full-time PhD program”.

For the past three decades FORE has successfully created a niche in the management education and is consistently ranked among the top most B Schools of the country including CRISIL with a rating of A***, the highest for educational institute providing post graduate studies. The institute conducts Two Years Full Time Postgraduate courses in Management and International Business recognized as equivalent to MBA.

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