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In today’s modern world, people in order to achieve their daily targets and acquire material things tend to neglect their health. Constant work pressure and packed schedules demand extra care to our well being that calls for a nutritious diet. A healthy balanced meal is replaced by easily available junk foods that are garbage to our body. They lack almost all the essential nutrients required by our body and cause more harm to us than good. The damaging effects of leading such a sedentary lifestyle are shown by an increase in the cases of stress, insomnia, fatigue, severe diseases, deficiencies, restlessness and what not. These deficiencies are to be met by taking something extra. Something extra, that provides for all the essential vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients, that too in balanced amounts. We have launched our product, Super Health capsules that are natural organic supplements for men and women in order to supply these additional nutrients that bring a positive effect to our health.

We ask everyone, to take a little time out of the rigorous routine and consume our ayurvedic health supplements known as Super Health capsules. It is the best herbal health supplement available in the market that caters to the needs of all members of the family without any age limit. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, botanicals, amino acids given by ayurvedic health supplements for men and women increases our stamina, energy levels and immunity. These capsules also ensure the proper digestion and absorption of these nutrients. An average man requires 1600 calories a day to remain energetic and fit for daily activities. Women suffer from loss of blood periodically due to their menstrual cycles and even during pregnancies they require extra care to their diet. Teenagers suffer from hormonal changes that can lead to stress and depression. They also have lot of pressure regarding their studies and they usually study for longer hours. All these challenging demands are successfully fulfilled by our ayurvedic health supplements for men and women.

The herbal ingredients used in these health supplements are Saunth, Kali Mirch, Ras Sindoor, Kuchla and Lauh Bhasma. To get optimum results, one must take 2 pills of Super Health ayurvedic health supplements for men and women, twice a day with milk or water. This dosage must be followed for a period of 3 to 4 months to get satisfactory health benefits.

Our new website AyushRemedies.in has been launched for establishing better connectivity and providing faster services to our Indian customers. Our online herbal shop consists of a vast range of health care and beauty care products along with products specifically designed for men and women. These products are purely ayurvedic that do not cause any side effects. Payment gateways include COD (Cash on delivery), DD (Demand Draft), cheque and NEFT (Bank transfer) that are immensely safe and reliable. Delivery is made within 3 to 5 business days. We ensure discreet packaging of our products as we pack them using plain paper. It is done to maintain the privacy of inner contents of the package.

So, one can rest assured of getting wonderful results by using ayurvedic health supplements, one and only Super Health capsules. Please visit our online herbal shop and try our products.

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