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With so much hype around, building a startup is an easy cake for any entrepreneur – the Critical Velocity to future success voyage will be Jugaad or Lobbying where it is needed the most, which have nothing to do with your personal capabilities, knowledge, education, skills, strategies, hard-work, etc.. We all know well what it means, find a right jugaadu on ground before wearing that interactive spacesuit and risking into the SpaceX startup capsule! Where to hire a jugaadu? First unlearn all those goodies from school and college days, re-look at all your potential social contacts, join the festive melas and event party dandias done by super rich models via their clones, chelas or glorified little jugaadu canvassing for better prospects with blessings from other rich counterparts, local neta, media, political / business decision makers.

Thanks to Jugaad we can all benefit, from a poor entrepreneur to minister. Even Jugaad has struck a chord all over world struggling with the consequences of major economic turmoils and seeking radical new models for business success. From helping us when we are stuck with a Govt contract to bailing us out of the most embarrassing situations, they are becoming biggest rescue for successful entrepreneurs. Pure desi “Jugaad” is how entrepreneurs of star brands creep into millionaire lists, contribute towards development and offer 6-7 figure salaries or investments to high-fliers with fanfare, the fool startups sticking to ethics cannot be part of jugaadu networks or will not work with immoral logic!

Jugaad found its place in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary – a byword for shoddy contraptions, shortcuts and sharp practices, including holy corruption. Skim books like Jugaad Innovation – written for business people, but enjoyed by many mainstream readers beyond the core business audience.

Experts even formulate some principles of jugaad innovation: seek opportunity in adversity; do more with less; think and act flexibly; keep it simple; include the margin and follow your heart. Propagating such cocktail concepts also makes life easier and prosperous for jugaadu partners, we can surely afford some collateral impacts on society in negative and undesirable ways… but such great and powerful development tools do have some side-affects, no pain no gain?

Bursting a Truth! The popular Double Engine economic growth means, financial success of a citizen or any business entity is directly proportional to its coziness with ruling parties and sponsoring brand ambassadors. More from a section / excerpts of the book coming soon..! Feb 11, 2016

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