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In a press conference held in the city today, OSS Prime announced its business expansion plans of launching a well-designed, highly efficient, nimble and reliable data centers at Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi NCR. We’re all set to add numbers to its operating, well defined and sophisticated IT infrastructures. (Feb 12, 2016)

“Our latest expansion plans put forth the ideas of extending our presence across the country to serve our existing clients with additional, advanced IT services. Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous demand from customers, thus giving us a path to driving our way ahead. With these high-tech and strategic areas we also target to provide our offerings to a complete new audience located in these areas.”

A spokesperson from the organization revealed that the data centers would offer higher bandwidth server at lesser rates when compared with the competitive market. “As we initiated an intense business expansion plan, strong network channel was one of the obvious steps,” said the Technical Manager. Apart from that, the company will benefit its customers by delivering some of its similar offerings provided at its other data center channels that include high-availability, robust technology, disaster recovery, network uptime, 24×7 Rapid Action Support etc.

The company owns few data centers and clouds in India and in US, and offers top-notch web hosting and web development services. Few months ago, we launched data center at Mumbai, custom built and designed by experts. Now, with its strategic project the company is looking forward to enlarge its business and achieve its objective of adding capacity to the market nationwide with due diligence.

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