Bambaiyya Love Tiffin – Valentine’s Week Special

Valentine’s Week Special from Feb 14th to Feb 21st, 2019 – Celebrate the flavour of love and the unfading spirit of Mumbai.

The old Parsi Sunday tradition, baporiyu (a hearty meal followed by a quick tumble), might just get revived from Feb 14. After all, it’s Valentine’s day and a Sunday. Coincidence? Let’s just say there’s a hearty Bombay-inspired tiffin waiting. Friends and family invited!

SodaBottleOpenerWala, the quintessential Bombay Irani Café and bar by the Olive group revels in the spirit of love this Valentine’s week with an ambrosial Bambaiyya Love Tiffin. Served for a limited period starting February 14th 2016 till February 21st 2016 it will have a selection for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. SodaBottleOpenerWala is a tribute to the dying legacy of a Bombay Irani Cafe bringing with it typical Parsi cuisine, some Irani specialties, Bombay street food and a well-stocked bar – in a fun, quirky and contemporary avatar.

With Bambaiyya Love Tiffin, SodaBottleOpenerWala celebrates the spirit of love and the spirit of Bombay. A typical day in the life of a Bambaiyya starts with tiffin prepared at home with love, packed in a tiffin carrier, picked and delivered by the iconic DabbaWalas of Mumbai who brave traffic, weather and all else that comes in their way to deliver the tiffin. Bambaiyya Love Tiffin comes with our signature touches that make your experience at SodaBottleOpenerWala, one of its kind.

Love is all about sharing and one can pick the Veg or the Non-Veg Bambaiyya Love Tiffin on a sharing basis with their loved ones. The selection of dishes showcased in the Non Vegetarian and Vegetarian Bambaiyya Love Tiffin are not found on the regular menu and guests are encouraged to try these for a one of its kinds Bombay-Irani experience. Ten dishes which are a mix of soups, appetizers, mains and desserts comprise the Bambaiyya Love Tiffin.

The Vegetarians can savour the Crispy corn bhel for some zing, Scotch broth for the Bombay soul for some earthy and soulful love and Cutliss (cutlet) for a love snack. Paneer Sanju baba and the Bombay biryani spell comfort food at its best. These are all forms of food that a typical Bambaiyya relishes in his or her meal. The Non Vegetarians get their share of Bombay foods like the Seafood bhel, Scotch Broth for the Bombay soul, Cutliss (cutlet), Chicken Sanju baba and a Bombay biryani made with chicken. When we talk love, desserts are ubiquitous as they spread the magic of sweet love. Bambaiyya Love Tiffin offers a unique Kala Khatta cheesecake and a divine Ferrero Rocher cake for the love birds to rekindle their love. At SodaBottleOpenerWala the celebrations never stop.

Come rekindle your love with us.

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