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When a person either a male or a female loses about 50 – 100 hair per day it is said to be normal but if it increases it is a sign of Hair loss. Based on the average scalp containing every scalp necessarily must have 100,000 hair follicles at a time when this reduces it is an alarming sign of hair loss. Hair loss is not a big problem as it is common this days but it is a fact that about 47% of hair loss sufferers try out one or other alternative to gain back saving or regaining their lost hairs throughout their life. Hair loss is a great concern for males as 40% of men have noticed hair loss by the age of 35, 65% by age of 60, and 80% by the age of 80 but the females do not lack behind Hair loss in women is also about 50%.

Where in case of hair loss a man has a fear of losing their personality & masculinity, women has a fear of losing their beauty and charm. Thus hair loss is a situation of problem for both of them. But thankful to the hair transplantation treatment many of them have really restored their hair back. 87% of males and female suffering from this problem consult a doctor for solutions.

There are various available hair transplantation treatments available worldwide. Including the hair treatments provided in India, Ahmedabad hair transplant are one of the best. The doctors at these clinics are great and environment at the clinic is great. The hair transplant Ahmedabad is often looked by many individual for hair restoration treatments.

Dr Kinnar Kapadia at Avenue cosmetic surgery clinic of Ahmedabad has been doing various hair treatments from last many years. This Ahmedabad hair transplant clinic is one of the best clinics in all Ahmedabad. Other than providing advanced treatment at the center they ensure that patients get best hospitality and care at the center. The team at the hair transplant Ahmedabad of Avenue is highly skilled and caring. Every time when patient visit the clinic he is treated with full care.

The motive of doctors is to fulfill the motive of the procedure such that patient get exactly what he has desired from the treatment. The Avenue Ahmedabad hair transplant clinic is equipped with necessary advanced tools and procedure required for different types of hair transplantation treatments.

The clinic is skilled with all tools and do provide both surgical as well as non surgical process for hair restoration. It has many years experience in providing best FUE and FUT hair transplantation surgery. Other than the two basic surgeries specialist at the center is also skilled enough to provide various other advanced treatments for hair growth. Other than the hair treatments other cosmetic surgeries are also done at the center. The clinic has satisfied clients all around Ahmedabad and other parts of India.

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