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Making the areas hoarding-free and roads sign-board free should be objectives of every Corporation or Council and if this happens, it would be an ideal way to celebrate national days and not require any hurried bulldozing one fine day! Recently, judges asked the civic bodies in Mumbai to give wide publicity to the grievance redressal mechanism adopted to remove illegal hoardings. The HC also allowed the citizens to file anonymous complaints in this regard, if they wanted to. The judges directed the civic bodies to introduce a dedicated website where complaints or photographs of such illegal hoardings and road adverts can be uploaded for necessary action. Such websites should be on the lines of those websites already introduced by the civic bodies for complaints about potholes on streets and roads across the state, the judges said (Feb 18, 2016).

Political party members (चेला of especially big gangs) and brand gurus should be forced to carry out social work in drought-affected villages instead of wealth hoarding, capital bonding, road naming, horse-trading, busy bribing and crazy multi-brand marketing promotions. Else their apparent sucked wealth (yes almost 99% have just that) seized for contribution towards trusts working for farmers, real patriots, street-vendors and poor, for which they were elected in the first place. What is the cost of installing hoardings or fancy sign-boards, and if they have such bond grey money to erect banners / sign-boards at all major functions and junctions, they would have money for this purpose also. Those local municipal babu cats granting permissions for cuts should also be responsible and bought to justice, they cannot say there is no need for licenses or permissions on our own hoardings.

Current species are neither god or its true bhakts.. just motivated caretakers cum abusers at best. So make your creators assets rationally named / marked as.. PE-001 to 1 Zillion as all our original creators were highly rational souls and spirits. So fuck these showoff profiteering brand name games symbolizing or abusing any religion, empire, leader, party, supremacist, irrationality, caste, development, culture, wealth, uniformity, big tech, conflict and war!

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