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Jan 21, 2019: OSSPL Local Servers is pleased to announce special offer running on the purchase of a Windows or Linux VPS for the period of one year. This special for the new year is available to provide a more affordable option for businesses that can benefit from a virtual private server. Customers can take advantage of this offer by purchasing a VPS service, with the highest discount available with yearly plans. OSSPL Hosting Solutions takes great pride in offering the best virtual private servers to their customers so they can more effectively run their business at a lower cost than running and maintaining a server onsite.

Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure❤️

These servers boast high up time rates and the amount of space businesses need to store all of their valuable information. These servers are available in a variety of sizes, allowing each business to get exactly what they need at a price they can afford. In addition, these servers are available for both Windows and Linux systems. OSSPL Hosting Solutions offers more than VPS options for their customers. They also provide cloud services for Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure so they can create customized solutions on elastic instance. Fixed instance options are also available. Their goal is to ensure every customer has exactly what they need at an affordable price.

What is a Linux VPS? 

Anyone interested in learning about this special offer on Windows and Linux VPS solutions can find out more by visiting the OSSPL Hosting Solutions website or by calling +91 98680-31913.

OSSPL is a full-fledged web hosting service provider in India that provides valuable services businesses require. They offer domains, hosting, servers, email solutions, security solutions, web design and more. They take great pride in offering the customized solutions businesses need to get the results they want at an affordable price.

– OSSPL Team

OSSPL Data Centers has been providing hosting services like Linux dedicated server hosting, Cloud hosting server and VPS Hosting Plans and 71% cheaper than AWS and Google Cloud.

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