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“I feel like we are part of rocket-age underground metro attempting to shuttle people to safety when they do not want to leave the party where all their friends are. Divesting is a process and not something you do in one move, you can approach it in small ways.” Companies are putting up invisible electronic barriers that divulge your personal data when you enter or go through perimeter of its electronic fence or funnel – using GPS, AI and other tools they can determine your exact location, health / finance records, ideology, family / friends history, affiliation, DNA, intention or vote at anytime. Apart from some good use, fascists and its strategic partners storing and staring these live data via analytic dashboards can punish anyone instantly for non-conformity or opposing their ideas and diktats, anytime they wish and redefine tyranny as alternative democracy meant for its majority slaves and core supporters / funders. Example of a possible defense: Work / think locally and when possible act globally – if it is happening there it will be happening here sooner or later.

Fusion centers (IT cells of all types including govt agencies) are strategically building up Waffen-SS type AI predictive policing to end democracies / oppositions towards rule of a bunch of conforming hyper-capitalistic leaders and its undeclared coalition of sponsors and beneficiaries लाभार्थी empire. You can fall into a criminal or bhakt category just by visiting a website / forum / app or being at a location that a criminal has visited at the same time. If all of your documents and talks are stored on Google servers, or on any corporation’s servers, it gives them access to delete all of your files at anytime and block your access to recover them or abuse / sell them for profiteering. How many people know all of the email addresses and phone numbers of family and friends? Not many if any. The best solution to prevent this is to have your tools, services and information hosted by companies or cooperative entities that share your values.

Forced OneDrive, MS Windows OpenAI, NSA iPhone, OEM Blackmail Apps, Musky Mac, Android.io and Device Slavery, instant wifi 5G to log into mafia network and click or tap to undress yourselves and forget your devices! Cloud storage bots of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Local ISPs, Meta, Feta.. have deep ties with governments & corporations in 2nd-9th world countries to build its AI App weapons via strategically deprecating all privacy tools and public data policies. Pandemic had accelerated imperialistic tech desperation to forcefully takeover as many users / businesses possible, by hook or crook.

Some features had made it much easier to sign in to all your apps, and some apps even carry over all your preferences too. Switching between phones from different OEM was easy as most had compatible backup and restore tools. If switching between phones from different OEMs is a pain, ADB backup and restore was handy, that allows you to do more than some built-in backup options. You can save private data and installed applications without needing root, depending on whether or not the app allows it. Unfortunately, it looks like ADB backup and restore may be going away in a future Android release.

A commit in Nazi AOSP is titled “Add deprecation warning to adb backup / restore”. An attack warning will be shown whenever any slave user run tools in Android’s backbone i.e. mutated Linux. Same or even worse cases in many other latest software releases / so-called updates to fearfully brainwash en-masse that open and democratic features might not stick around, better surrender to we the govt-appointed corns & private daemons!

This would be a bummer for people who rely on this non-root solution for better backups. There are much more powerful options out there, like Titanium Backup, if you root your phone. This is just a warning at this point, so we don’t know exactly how long it will be until the tool becomes nonfunctional. We will continue to monitor such capitalistic tech stories to analyze when Google & its empire decides outright to get even more malicious while our local leaders get its bonded commissions + ML perks and redefine aggregation of many such fancy tweaks as high-tech (ChatGPT, AI, Cognitive ML etc..) development towards uplifting whole of humanity!

About the Authors / Contributors: Engaged in building and propagating movements by advancing the strategic use and collective control of sci-tech for local struggles, global transformation, and emancipation without any borders.

Series: Global Digitability

One thought on “Wait until Google Govt & its AI empire gets even more smartly malicious?

  1. AI helps smart fascists and its strategic partners (लाभार्थी) in storing / staring live data via analytic dashboards to punish anyone instantly for non-conformity or opposing their ideas / diktats to secure Führer’s character anyhow, today’s MODIfied India is a developing case study, while west’s social media brands, global tech giants and fully-bonded political terrorists are co-sponsors!

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