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Mar 1, 2016: The pain caused by all types of arthritis is undoubtedly unbearable. Be it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Orthoxil Plus ayurvedic capsules for stiff joints that are launched by keeping in view of benefiting maximum people from all over the world. Now, let us throw some light on the types of arthritis which our stiff joints ayurvedic capsules are able to treat.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is an autoimmune disease which develops antibodies which mistakenly destroy the cells of their own body. As a result, muscle and joint stiffness, joint redness, joint warmth, joint tenderness, fatigue, swelling of joints, polyarthritis and limping occur. At later stages, complicacies of affecting blood vessels, skin, lungs and even kidneys might also take place.

Osteoarthritis: Cartilage is a tissue that connects bones between a joint and is responsible for a smooth movement of our limbs. In osteoarthritis, our cartilage breaks down partially or entirely causing rubbing of bones over each other, pain in joints and complete destruction of that joint. This type of arthritis is found in people due to various causes such as joint injury, aging and over weighing. Areas that are most prone to its effect are spine, hips, knee and hands.

Ayurveda is centuries old study done by our wise ancestors in discovering the benefits of naturally occurring plants and herbs. These measures are taken after doing a great deal of research and are used for treating wide range of diseases. The benefits and healing effects of ayurveda are widely known. Ayurvedic capsules for stiff joints helps easing the excruciating pain caused by arthritis. It is not only accessible at a reasonable price but is also very easy to use with no side effects whatsoever.

Swaran Bang Bhasma, Kesar, Rigni, Chopchini, Piplamool, Ashwagandha, Suranjan and Guggul are some of the natural herbs used in the preparation of Orthoxil Plus capsule which are purely ayurvedic capsules for stiff joints and arthritis. Swarna Bang Bhasma is derived from gold by using special alchemic procedures since ancient times. It is used for the treatment of complicated diseases like arthritis, infertility, heart problems, asthma, etc. Kesar or saffron apart from its fine aroma is used for blood pressure control, pain relief in arthritis, skin lightening, good digestion, etc.

The suggested direction of using these stiff joints ayurvedic capsules is to take one or two capsules of Orthoxil Plus daily, after breakfast in morning and after dinner at night in a regular manner for 3 to 4 months to obtain promising relief to the arthritis pain. These ayurvedic capsules for stiff joints do not cause any side effects or negative impact by its prolonged usage. Better results are obtained when we use Orthoxil Plus capsule as well as Orthoxil Plus oil in combination. So you can be assured of having benefits of using our product Orthoxil Plus capsules. Visit our herbal shop and try our products.


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