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Just like telecom and bandwidth games, many governments discontinued subsidies it used to offer on the installation of solar panels and vendors had stopped providing solar panels at subsidized rates. As per reports, for 2-bedroom homes, assuming usual loads in 2-BHK house, the connected load can be of 2 ACs, two lights, one water heater, three fans, one TV and refrigerator, a 6KW system will do. All of these equipment and such a 6KW system will cost more than Rs 4 lakh, which is almost equal to 20+ years electricity bills you will pay to existing fossil fuel power generating and related utility companies. Will continue to increase further random power-cuts as long we hail the hidden capitalists for which our so-called democratic governments are working 24/7!

Are the green energy prices deliberately kept exorbitant to discourage alternative sources for benefiting big fat energy, mining and oil corporate cronies? Residents can make use of net metering facility which facilitates consumption of electricity generated by the rooftop project and allows for feeding the surplus into the grid or the network of the distribution companies. Globally, rooftop solar projects have two distinct ownership arrangements: self-owned wherein rooftop owner also owns the PV system and the other is 3rd-party ownership in which a developer owns the PV system and also enters into a lease or commercial arrangement with the rooftop owner.

The net meter calculate the power sold to the Govt on monthly basis and it have two dials: one records the amount of discom provided electricity drawn by the consumer and the other record the amount of electricity that the consumer is exporting as surplus power. Based on this, final adjustments were planned to be made in the bill.

Rates of the power consumed and power sold are different. While the power will be sold to consumers in accordance with Govt tariff rates, power will be purchased on average procurement basis. The scheme was launched for domestic consumers but Govt claimed to extend its reach to commercial buildings in long run.

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