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Tata Institute Of Social Science – School Of Vocational Education Launches vocational course in Travel and Tourism. Travel and Tourism is one of those sectors that have no limitations on the scale or the variety of products and services offered. Applying creativity and imagination and understanding the changing needs of travelers could help one develop new locations or services and attract tourists.

Tourism is a people industry where the personal touch and human interaction makes all the difference. A happy and satisfying tourism experience depends on the positive interaction with local people at different points during a visit – the tour operator, the escort, the taxi driver, the front office staff, the food service staff , the friendly populace and more. Hence, very often it is these interactions, good or bad, that results in impressions being created in a traveller.

Every country /state or attraction marketing itself as a tourist destination is keen to send back a happy visitor . As Mahatma Gadhiji rightly said, “ Welcome a stranger, Send back a friend”. The best , the most effective and the cheapest form of marketing is always positive ‘word of mouth’ references.

Today, every country in the world has become a tourist destination. In every country there are specific attractions in different states offering niche products/services highlighted to attract visitors. For many countries, tourism is an important revenue earner and a stimulant to economic growth. A vast and heterogeneous country like India has a rich heritage, history, traditions and culture to offer the visitors seeking new experiences. Further, alongside the rapid growth in travel and tourism, more airports, ports, hotel and resorts, corporate businesses, ,modern hospitals and traditional ayurve3dic resorts and spas are all being created to handle the increased flow of visitors.

Logically, the sustained growth of the tourism industry and the constant innovation and ideas that are developed to attract more and more tourists require a continuous pool of knowledgeable, well trained, competent and courteous professionals to service those needs. These courses of TISS –SVE, offered under the Travel and Tourism vertical have been specifically designed and customised to the actual needs of the industry in the inbound and outbound toursim segment.

While this programme becomes an up – skilling programme for those who are already in the profession, the course also aims to create an awareness on the various career opportunities in the industry. At the end of each course, the participants will be able to understand /develop skills required for the range of job profiles.
Ø The deeper knowledge about the industry
Ø Value of professionalism
Ø Ways of keeping a customer satisfied and happy
Ø Improved communication skills
Ø Holistic personality development and communication skills to enhance customer satisfaction.
And more.

Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism Sector( indicative)
Tour Operating Company -Trainee
Travel Agency- Trainee
Airport ground handling /check in counter staff
Front Office Executive (Hotel, Travel Agency, Tour Operating Company)
Corporate Hospitals
Museums & Art Galleries
State Tourism Department Trainee
Trainee DTPC
Tour Escort/Tour Guide
Customer Care Executive (Airport, Hotel)
Executive (Travel Agency & Tour Operating Company)
Opportunities in online ticketing sectors
Entrepreneurship -Own Business
Travel Consultant
Sales & Marketing Executive(Travel Agency , Tour Operating Company)
Event Manager
Cabin Crew
Tourist information Counter

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