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Pre-planning stage for your House Construction? Home is a place we live and Cherish. Having an own house is every one’s dream.

The thought of being able to build a house in line with her fantasies and requirement, being able to sit with an architect and give inputs or decide on the interiors always excited. But the experience was not as simple as is. Despite meticulous planning, a lot of painstaking work had to be done at each stage of construction.

However, for those starting from scratch, building your dream home requires due diligence and exhaustive careful planning on both -acquiring a piece of land and building the house. And, to be careful about legal issues in the first stage and cost issues in the second stage.

While the thought of being able to build your own house can be exciting, you need to be ready for escalating costs. Costs vary with the specifications you’re planning and the intended height. It varies from city to city mainly because of the labour costs. Hence, begin with maximum research. The cost of building a house will vary widely, depending on locality, raw materials, structure and design. Labour availability varies by season; typically, during the festive season, most labourers take leave.

The cost of construction of a house is dependent on a variety of factors; cost, including estimated escalation, the stamp duty payable upon purchase, local availability of materials and skilled labour, and timely completion of construction. Approval costs from local and other planning authorities also need to be considered, the cost of an electricity connection and the fees of the architect and/or contractor.”

Considering all the above factors in: Pre-planning stage for your House Construction. There is a viable solution which specifically addresses the issue of Building & Construction Materials. In recent days E-commerce Industry has emerged as a strong contender and also dominating retail market by creating more opportunities for the people to sell their products and services online. This has also influenced the people to sell Building materials and construction services online through E-commerce platform.

There are many sites like Apnastock, Buildzar, SnapDeal, Msupply which sell Building materials Online today, with each having their own Business Model. There is one site which has got our attention in recent days is BuildTimes which also sells Building & Construction Materials online, but with a unique selling proposition. Advantages in buying building materials online is:

· Consumer can trust the details provided by the Aggregator/Website.
· Verified Materials seller or dealers
· Genuine products
· Genuine services
· Post sales follow-up from Service Provider (Website)
· Offers and Discount
· Legal factors

Coming to BuildTimes, here you can buy Building materials and Construction services right from the dealers and service providers near to you and your surrounding locality. Combined with the right site-wide search for products and services, you can also search dealers for your product/services in your locality easy using a unique Dealer Locator feature. BuildTimes.com also provides Directory for Building materials dealers information, where you can easily get enough information required. In directory application Area, Locality and distance wise the Listing results are provided.

Currently BuildTimes currently provide services in India. Likewise the site has started this service to provide customers with a better intent to solve the issues faced in buying building materials while constructing house. Go explore this site BuildTimes.com and share your opinion.

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