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The Canada-based education company applauds the government’s move to allow foreign universities to set up campuses and award degrees as a first meaningful step toward much-needed higher education reforms in the country.

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CA – Canada-based education company M Square Media (MSM) welcomes a latest major education push, allowing top foreign universities to set up campus shops and award degrees in its bid to enhance the country’s higher education.

The decision from government was marked by the unveiling of a draft legislation for public feedback that aims to facilitate entry and operation of foreign higher education institutions (HEIs) in India for the first time. According to the draft released by the University Grants Commission, the local campus can in turn determine admission rules and criteria for domestic and international students along with fee structure and scholarship, while both institutions will stay autonomous in faculty and staff recruitment.

“In today’s global economy, it is more important than ever for students, regardless of their location, to have seamless access to the best study opportunities,” Sanjay Laul, CEO and Founder of MSM, said. “Allowing leading foreign HEI entry into the local education landscape is a win-win situation: Foreign institutions can tap into their domestic partner’s campus infrastructure to build innovative international offerings, while local campuses can tap into new revenue sources by way of international collaborations. Indian students get to obtain foreign qualifications at an affordable cost while India emerges as a more attractive global study destination.”

Laul also cited the increased academic and job opportunities waiting for students in strategic partnerships that can be fostered between foreign universities and their local partners.

“You can design pathway programs for Indian students to start on local campuses and complete their studies overseas, exploring a wealth of study opportunities at home, internationally, or a hybrid program that suits their preferences. Eventually students can access industry mentorship and job assistance from the combined network and resources of the foreign and local Indian institutions,” he added.

The current move encourages foreign institutions to set up campuses even without a local partner. Some of these overseas institutions already have existing partnerships with Indian institutions, allowing the students to partially study at home and complete their degree on the campus abroad.

MSM provides student recruitment, global and in-country offices, education technology solutions, pathways, and public-private partnerships (PPPs) to the international education sector. With presence in over 20 countries, it currently serves over 1,200 partner institutions in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and has helped more than 145,000 students worldwide since its inception in 2012.

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M Square Media (MSM) is a Canada-based education company and a leader in technology and globalization initiatives in the international education sector. Headquartered in British Columbia, MSM serves 1200+ partner institutions in 36 countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and has helped more than 145,000 students since its inception in 2012. Its suite of solutions include student recruitment, global and in-country offices, edtech, pathways, and public-private partnerships (PPP). MSM teams are present in over 20 countries to assist institutions, recruitment partners, students, and service providers in the growing global industry. Read more about us at www.msquaremedia.com.

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