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Apr 10, 2019: Standard Frauds of Builders include bluntly ditching the home buyer in date of handover / possession, twisted returns, freebies, etc. Though few real estate developers do keep their promises. There are also selling cheats over titles and conveyance to innocent buyers who invest their savings by duplicating title deeds of properties under dispute and exit before caught. Builders often refuse to provide the conveyance certificate even after completion. Rental Returns Hypes and marketing gimmickry undertaken by builders in association Internet portals and mobile apps, assuring returns if the property is rented out. This is done to lure purchase of a property as investment. Builders also create fake online rental listings of their property to bait buyers.

Builder delays bluffing scarcity of raw materials or approvals, a simplest benefit is builder wants its properties to be fully booked or probably pooling money from one project to another. Builders also procrastinate seeking approvals and sanctions like electricity connection, water connection etc. leaving buyer with a house without electricity and water connection. Unauthorized layouts, land use violations, etc are more serious approval offenses that some builders indulge.

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