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A step forward to evolving its cloud hosting environment and IT services, as it will be now providing the latest cloud reseller-hosting model. The idea of inventing this crucial feature is to create brand awareness and to boost customer growth as it provides redundant environment to host your cloud account.

According to the Technical Manager, “We don’t want to remain stagnant in the market. To create our own recognition, we are upgrading our deliverables and bringing in more innovative approaches. By introducing cloud reseller hosting model, we are giving our users an opportunity to reap more out of our service. Our urge to bring in new platforms and develop existing plans makes our web hosting business better than our competitors do. Our customers can expect newer, cost-effective schemes and services with exceptional outputs and advantages. We assure to initiate more IT models in future that will keep benefiting our global clientèle.”

Cloud reseller server allows a particular account holder to host multiple accounts under their own price listed and brand name, including a plethora of benefits cloud servers has to offer. Here, the account holder is solely responsible for securing, configuring and updating the server depending on the clients’ requirements, the account holder’s service provider will be in charge of network connectivity and hardware facility.

With a much scalable, high availability infrastructure and the ability to run any software and operating system, this approach is considered way far better than the traditional reseller hosting and VPS hosting as there is room for building customers, growing business and earning sound profit, combined with delivering a range of cloud server benefits. Along with all the perquisites, Also offers 24×7 Rapid Action Support, Disaster Recovery, Managed Reseller Services, providing assurance of server maintenance. With the company’s cost-effective schemes to hosting several websites, small businesses and web developers can make most out of the service. Users can choose plans as per their requirements and can modify it over time with ease.

A pioneer and dynamic source in delivering data center products and services and since then it has earned several milestones in its journey. Now, with its new, innovative ideas, the company is attempting to evolve its services so that its customers can experience better technology at fraction of cost. (Apr 18, 2016)

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