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The US has 14 planned ammonia projects, adding capacity of about 8.796 MMTPA. Iran has 12 planned ammonia projects with a total capacity of 7.442 MMTPA, slated to come on-stream. Iran’s capital expenditure will be US$3.0 billion over the next few years. Russia has 9 planned ammonia projects, adding capacity of about 5.793 MMTPA with a capital expenditure of US$ 3.8 billion.

China and India are the top two countries in Asia adding ammonia capacity of 5.756 MMTPA in the next five years. Coal based plants in the future are expected to be only from China. South America is slated to add ammonia capacity of 2.913 MMTPA across Peru, Brazil and Bolivia, with a capex of around US$ 1.1 billion. In Oceania, Australia will spend approximately US$ 0.2 billion to add 1.155 MMTPA of ammonia capacity, expected to come online. Africa will spend US$ 2.7 billion to add 7.986 MMTPA of ammonia capacity.

Global Ammonia Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook talks about the global ammonia capacity by region, global ammonia capacity by feed stock, capacity share of major ammonia producers in the world and many other key data points.

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