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The competition in the commercial distribution industry is rising. Though other channels of distribution have also developed, still brokers continue to dominate the share of the commercial market. The change is largely being brought around by SME’s operating in the country. There are cases wherein Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME’s) do not require that wide ranging insurance products thus eliminating the services of brokers. The SME’s have developed a preference for purchasing the product online.

The market for brokers is largely controlled by few major global companies along with many small firms. It is expected that the market might show signs of consolidation through mergers and acquisitions but nothing in relation to what was observed in late 2000’s. The focus for brokers has now really shifted to solidifying their position in the market which was earlier lost to SME’s by concentrating on their core strengths. The brokers now focus on existing products and to their areas of specialisation.

Now there would be considerable changes that would take place in commercial contract law. The contract will become more discreet and the insurers would have to assume responsibility in order to comply. All the parties in relation to the contract will observe better line of communication and understanding, benefiting the underwriters.

Some research report claims to provide valuable insights on the trends prevailing in the industry. It may discusses the impact of diverse purchasing conduct of SME’s in relation to big corporate houses. Gathers informative insights on function and everyday task of brokers in product division. Provides future forecast of next five years for all distribution channels along with prevalent challenges the market is experiencing.

The industry research report may aid in streamlining the distribution strategy to meet the ever-growing needs of clients. The report may offer up to date information so that one can remain competitive in the industry. Peer to Peer comparison will help in formulating growth strategies and how new government regulations will affect the commercial market in the years to come.

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