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Cinema or film advertising is yet another medium of publicity characterized by sound, motion, colour, vision and timeliness on a large silver screen. This audio-visual medium has a wide range starting from ordinary slide presentation to the film screening. Movie advertising is a great method to reach viewers in a captive setting. Video ads deliver messages on the big screen to audiences waiting to see a motion picture – who are generally in a relaxed and happy mood. Cinema ads roll prior to the movie previews while guests are finding their seats.

Theater is a perfect fit for regional advertising. Local movie theaters used to draw people from a targeted area. Most local advertisers drawn their customers from a fairly small geographic area. Most Indian moviegoers used to travel up to 20 miles to visit a movie theater, now its all taken over by imperial / malicious apps with wider viral reach promoting some AI powered emotional & profiteering fiction stories to benefit the same 1%..

Example of a trending political #topic is Indian Big Party’s Divide & Rule Empire via Five Star Aurangzeb / Chanakya type courts involving petty bribing (repeat history) in electing / enslaving millionaire leaders for strategically safeguarding their looted wealth! Apart from 360° media reach for voting IPL, these can attract even high net worth capitalists pounding more EVM bonds to producers kitty, well above the regular ticket price via boring box office. Artistic Caution: Such entertainment topics must be kept light years away from any popular religion, culture, values or ideology.

One thought on “Cinema or Film Media Advertising in India

  1. Indian Billionaire Party’s Divide & Rule Empire via Five Star Aurangzeb / Chanakya type courts in enslaving millionaires and EWS workers! Sucking devil companies promoting some “development maniacs” should beware of newton uncle’s third law. If some gujju bigots can dare to make mockery of others ideologies, they must also be mentally and physically prepared to face hard counters.

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