Hair Transplant Surgeon

For Hair loss cases in both men and women can be many reasons like general health status, hormonal changes, sickness (like fever, medicines, stress and surgery, etc) psychological imbalance, pollution etc. Abort from genetic male pattern baldness which is the major cause. Evaluation of these factors is important before giving a certain treatment to those patients. Our doctors take immense care in evaluation of problem and further management.

Radiance Advanced Hair Transplant Center is a unique center in India in which we are providing Medical treatments for male and female hair loss and permanent treatments for male and female patterns baldness with hair transplants.

Our center is unique in doing combined technique, i.e. both FUT + FUE in a single session (keeping grafts up to 5000-6000). Covering the Norwood v-vi baldness in a single session. We are the first doctors in India started doing the combined technique since past 5-6yrs.

Our center is unique in providing Facial Hair Transplants like complete eyebrow creation, bread creation and moustache creation for those who are congenitally lacking or to those who lost it accidentally. Our doctor is well known for doing Facial Hair Restoration since past few years.

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