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So, the all-new Alto 800 has finally arrived in the market to dazzle us all. Auto Hitech, a leading Maruti dealership platform, had proudly announced and flagged off its arrival on May 18th of this year. Some of the dazzling features of the new Alto model (which would surely make you want to reach out and make a grab for it at the quickest chance) are:

• Driver Side Airbag
• Lively Integrated Stereo
• Remote Keyless Entry
• Fresh and Spacious Interiors
• Responsive Engine

There are some noticeable differences between the old Maruti Alto 800 and the upgraded one. Some of them are discussed bellow.

1. All car enthusiasts would know what the huge changes are that have been brought about in the new model. For one, the new Alto 800 has a more competitive price range compared to the old one: In a sharp contrast with the nearly 2.49 lakh-3.78 lakh price tag of the old model, the new car is nearly 10k cheaper. A price chart of the new model would drive home the point.
STD-O: 2.73 lakh.
STD-O: 2.99 lakh
LX- 3.09 lakh
LX(O): 3.15 lakh
LXI: 3.36 lakh.
LXI(O): 3.42 lakh
VXI: 3.55 lakh
VXI(O): 3.62 lakh

2. A second great point about the new model is the fact that it is 35 mm longer in comparison to the old model. When you combine this point with the previous one, then you know that you’re getting an improved vehicle at a lessened price.

3. Thirdly, the vehicle is much more fuel-efficient in comparison to the old model. The engine model remains the same as before (796 cc), but it has been upgraded in a manner that it delivers much better mileage. Fuel efficiency of the new Alto 800 is about 9% better.

4. The exterior is hugely improved. The headlights have been revised, the fog lamps have been installed and the grille has been more widened than in the previous model. A similar revamp is done in the interiors: the seat designs are changed and the door fabric is trim. Rear seats with integrated headrests are a new feature. And let’s not forget the brand new additions of child lock and remote-operated (keyless) entry.

Auto Hitech Kolkata is the city’s number one dealership platform for new and used cars belonging to the Maruti Company. When a customer steps into their showroom, they are greeted by welcoming and enthusiastic staffs who tend to their every requirement and query, while trying to suggest the best car suited to the tastes of that customer. Trained Consultants of the Maruti Company help you out with not only selection of the appropriate car for you; but they also assist with the financial questions, insurances applicable, warranties, accessories (as applicable) and delivery requirements. There are special packages on offer for employees of a select companies, and also CSD customers.

In case you’re interested and want to know more, please visit their website.

About Autohitech:
AutoHitech is one of the best Maruti service centre and dealership in Kolkata. New or used, the entire range of Maruti vehicles, belonging to every type, shape, colour and model are found here.

Show Room
97A, Southern Avenue
Phone: 033-40309700

Service Centre
34A, C.N. Roy Road
Phone: 033-40218200

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