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A leader in providing data center solutions and services, accelerated its channel partner program by launching Elite Channel Partnership Program. We intends to augment the concept of partnership program to consolidate position in the IT world in order to remain proactive in the market. According to the Business Development Manager, “Our elite partners would enjoy exclusive access to selling our data center products and services as their own offerings. The partners act as a direct promoter of the technology or equipment that further increases the value of our services and evaluates business operations.”

In this partnership program, partners receive a full-fledged opportunity to resell all of the company’s products and data center services to third party under their own business tag. At this level, partners will also get a close working relationship and receive certain privileges offered by the company including 24×7 Rapid Action Support, Skilled Technicians and other value-added services. Dell, CPanel, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft are some of the many prominent existing channel partners.

“Our alliance with leading organizations is helping more customers adopt cloud solution and effective web hosting services. Currently, we are focusing on increasing our range, and thus, we launched the elite partner program that will flourish our potential customers with additional, considerable benefits,” said the spokesperson of the company.

The channel partner program has been strategic to involve more organization associate with the company, as it is the path to create a benchmark in the Indian Market. Thus, the company endeavors to intensify its channel program through all possible mediums. In addition, the company has invested more on capital and staff in order to develop its reaches and to bring clients onshore.

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