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Incorporates comprehensive dialogue with leaders of major organizations in the Leasing Life Industry. Conducts an anatomy of the industry by analyzing the strategies, the people, the organizations and the trends in twelve specific regions of Europe. Makes use of data on Leasing Life industry in twelve of the major economies of Europe and certain emerging countries like Romania using information solely published by the Leasing Foundation. Put forward how the new and existing players can use this information on dynamics of the sector in the European region to gain an edge in the market. Additionally, growth strategies that have been adopted by the top notch firms also been covered, keeping in mind all the changing market trends of the leasing industry.

Finding overnight success of a business is scarcer than hen’s teeth in today’s continuously changing environment. Where hundreds of entrepreneurs start a new business every day, it cannot be denied that many of them close down too each day. The business world continues to become more and more competitive. In such a scenario, it would be desirable for mediocre and under-performing firms to gain some cheat codes from the leaders of their industry to make their firms perform better. It can help them tackle the business situations and understand them better, eventually leading to the expansion of their market share.

The success of an organization includes some imperative aspects namely the implementation of the domain knowledge acquired, efficient management of the human capital employed, keeping up with the competitors in the industry, continuous improvements in the organizational processes, investment in the introduction of new launches and most importantly to integrate all of these aspects. The key lies to having the right people in the right jobs and this is where guidance from the leaders about staff training, growth strategies and restructuring business comes in handy. Also, what major tendencies to expect in the future will also shape its future will prove to be valuable coming directly from the horse’s mouth as these are the people who can discern these trends and mold these opportunities to their advantage and exploit the profit potential.

Cover all the leading trends, people and organizations in the leasing life industry by analyzing twelve markets in the European region and makes prognosis for future as well using details provided exclusively by the Leasing Foundation. Details of the ‘Leasing Life Awards’ winners and presents a dialogue with the leaders of the industry. Put forward an expository view of eleven sectors like construction machinery, equipment handling etc.

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