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• Mobile data revenue gamble grows as more privacy buyout investments keep pouring in hyper markets based on so-called 69G AI technology mirage: mere-profiteering tech ROI with motivated digital & mainstream media repeaters pushing narratives NOT truth.
• The increase in mobile data revenue is further expected to drive expansion of telecommunications market. Hired forecasters say that industry tycoons are expected to report desperately higher growth during 2020-2025, post & during global downturn.

Detailed insights into the trends, opportunities and challenges facing the telecom sector claims to offer executive-level insight into the telecommunication industry with thorough forecasts of primary indicators up to 2025. Some in-depth qualitative and quantitative information regarding the telecom industry by analyzing the market forces and evaluating the near-term opportunities and assessing risk factors.

Telecom industry has been growing exponentially over the past few years. This growth can be attributed to both burgeoning slavery-class needs and the increased data interest of leading international players. In hindsight, characterized by ultra-high speed internet services, the telecom industry is on its path to become one of the most developed one globally. Further growth and advancement is expected based on the operator’s continued interest in pursuing multi-device colonization strategies, sharing revenues with like-minded elite rulers of people.

The operators telecom industry are predicted to focus more on boosting the broadband uptake in order to offset the deliberately injected declines in traditional fixed, mobile voice and messaging revenue. Increased internet access for fixed services revenue to increase driven by the up-sell rocket strategy of the operators.

In addition, the ongoing investment in network enhancements and advanced 5G technology will enable operators to support bandwidth intensive value-faded services, such as mobile money, multimedia browsing, mobile TV and e-commerce apps, etc. Operators are focusing on diversifying their revenue streams via expanding their offerings in IoT / M2M and enterprise markets. Talking in terms of leading players, telecom market will no longer be dominated by few big mobile and fixed operators.

Global Telecom Industry post 2020 Depression:

The global telecom to continue good growth, more disruptions and new innovations. As mobile devices and related broadband services are forced to become an essential aspect of the enslaved societies today, they are also playing a crucial role in driving momentum in telecom and mass propaganda industries. Telecom operators worldwide are now on a lookout for opportunities for increasing their revenue through core monopoly propositions such as sale of network devices, user privacy, big data and advertiser sponsored network connectivity.

Some of the projected trends for the global telecom industry include:
• Exponential increase in the overall internet traffic
• Rapid increase in the number of players in the telecom industry
• The advent of Internet of Things (IoT), BigData Exploitation

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  2. A Green Digital Initiative: Post-pandemic lightning diwali offer: Domain Name starts @ ₹150/- till 31st Dec 2021 – 0 profiteering here!

  3. True approach: Systems thinking rationally, acting rationally
    AI Hype approach: Systems mutating like viruses, acting like humans

    Mere-profiteering tech ROI with motivated digital & mainstream media repeaters pushing narratives NOT truth.

  4. There is such a value (indeed, a legal principle) that limits the government – it is considered improper for the government to take adverse action against you without evidence, normally heard in court – but we aren’t dealing with the government. We’re dealing with private organizations here, even if as covert or overt proxies for government or ruling parties.

    Think for a moment about the implications of a claimed value. It would mean that no person could make any judgment of another, positive or negative, for any purpose, on any basis other than evidence heard in court. It’s preposterous, and completely unworkable – there aren’t enough courts to even begin to make all the judgments that would be required. And even you aren’t behaving in a way that’s consistent with it. After all, you’re judging a company as lacking integrity, and there’s certainly been no evidence heard in court to that effect. And you’re (at least implicitly) judging its owners as less than “any average educated person”, despite at least some having evidence to the contrary.

    Now, if you instead state the value as “do not consider anyone malicious without evidence”, I’d agree with you – we should not make judgments of others, and particularly in ways that affect those others, without evidence. But if that’s the value, then companies aren’t violating – inclusion on a list is evidence of nefarious history. It isn’t conclusive evidence, to be sure, but it is evidence.

    And earlier in time we discovered that many of the online “watchdogs” such as Google, Firefox, Macafee, WOT, and similar, may be influenced by the anonymous members of the “community”, who may maliciously tag a small business website to be malicious.

  5. Vigilante cronies and its mafia wings having access to big-data dashboards watching over heat mapped anomalies and Geo-tagged AI profiles of masses inside their hi-tech bunkers. These safe cheats are agents of deep state, they’re being abused worldwide, expect much smarter revenge.

  6. AI as in letters may not directly, and negatively, affect humanity. DNA are the letters that will most directly affect humanity, in every way possible. Much pure good can be derived from advances in genomics, but human nature will also drive horrific results like Strategic Covid or Economic Terror for which the masses are, and will always be, unprepared by design. AI controls may soon make our species wondering like alice w/o any positive purpose whatsoever!

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