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Such are world’s finest “Royal Academies of Cronies” chit millionaires teaching माल-ए-मुफ्त finance to slaves – companies or cozy groups producing and exporting many replicas to the so-called 9th (third?) world, think ROI success chant of our own desi Oscars, संता-बंता Leaders, Chatur Bania and Padmas! The powerful bank is in the news for attempting to suppress a report into money laundering. This is no surprise as the company’s entire history, right up to the present day, is one of financing drug cartels. New capitalists dislike transparency!

Britain’s wealthiest company, with a stock market valuation of $215 billion रेवड़ी, has enough advertising muscle in the British press to ensure that critical investigative pieces have been spiked in both the Sunday Times & Daily Telegraph – in latter case, causing its chief political commentator to resign in protest, which anyway is much rare in these 5G paid media times – Jun 22, 2016.

Then last year, the bank’s friends in the Swiss government sentenced the whistle blower who exposed the bank’s massive facilitation of tax avoidance to five years in prison, the longest sentence ever demanded by the country’s public ministry for a banking data theft case. And back in 2011, HSBC was revealed to be the UK financial sector’s most enthusiastic user of tax havens, with no less than 556 subsidiary companies based in offshore jurisdictions. Tax havens, as leading expert Nicholas Shaxson notes, “are characterized by secrecy… what they are fundamentally about is escape – escape from the rules, laws, regulations of jurisdictions elsewhere. You move your money offshore and you can then escape the laws that you or beneficiary political cats don’t like”.

Little wonder, then, that wherever you look – from Afghanistan to Kosovo to Libya, to Mexico, and Colombia, and even the latest #UdtaGujju – the policies of the world’s leading financial centers and its public or hidden proxies serve to boost the production, distribution and profitability of lucrative drugs trade in addition to bonuses of generic loot from workers, small depositors, entrepreneurs and investors.

Just to manage risks on corrupt wealth gathered such “financial terrorist” celebrities keep their money laundering checks to themselves and its family of bhakts. These are clearly very clever institutions with much to hide – leaks, scam hypes and papers only expose tip of rotten mountains, the ruling elite of anti-social elements have no national, ideological or ethical boundaries, but just imposing / bullying its empire by hook or crook!

Source: rt.com/op-edge/330781-drug-smuggling-hsbc-crimes/

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