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Just Billing is a simple, yet comprehensive billing app that automates your business. This intuitive business app does not require you to have any technical knowledge. Just Billing makes inventory, payment, expenses and customer management easy, alongside billing. And this app also runs on smartphones and tablets, thereby making your business mobile and look more smart and tech-savvy.

Just Billing app is a perfect match for small retail and restaurant businesses.

Suitable For : 1. Restaurants & Food Joints
2. Retail Business
3. Service Provider

Available On : 1. Android – Mobile & Tablet
2. Windows – Desktop & Laptop
Benefits :

1. Increase Profit
2. Save Time
3. Enhance Business Image
4. More Organised
5. More Customer
6. Prevent Misuse & Wastage
7. Accuracy
8. Reconciliation
9. Affordable
10. Easy to Use

Main Features :

1. Invoice (Bill) generation with faster billing
2. Send SMS / Email bill to your customers, or Print the bill
3. Payment Tracking
4. Customer Management
5. Loyalty & promotion
6. Accounting & Expense management
7. Inventory / product stock management
8. Barcode support
9. Multi-user supports
10. Reports & analytics

Just don’t trust our words, try us! Install the free trial, and use it to get amazed.
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