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Jul 1, 2016: What that means, in real numbers, is that for every rupee in home improvement you put into your house, you can only expect to get back 65 paisa. Because your friends don’t actually own their houses either. They just have a different landlord. The French and Germans don’t give a shit about buying a house. They rent all their lives. And look how cool they are. A house can be an inefficient means of investing, and it costs far more to buy and operate than you think. Homeowners can easily end up paying more to live in their houses than the supposed “profit” they make when they sell them. A house is an inefficient way of building wealth.

No difference in buying a home, hammer, car or carrot? Never a bad idea to dream of becoming a landlord or car wala, but do Viral Saach checks before carried away with widespread bhakt hypes!

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