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Get CRM integrated with business directories, business listings, business information, business lead, business mailing list, sales lead, marketing and purchase databases, as well as telephone directories (white pages) and Yellow Pages! We can offer a wide range of diverse products. Millions of addresses and phone numbers, as well as business listings of companies. You can book many of these directories worldwide! If you are experiencing any difficulties finding the product that best matches your needs, mail us and we will help you! We critically analyze the content of each database and the advantages for each individual customer. In case of any further questions and problems, our team of digital consultants will be happy to advise you at any time.

Unique selling points include low purchase costs, extensive information and a variety of applications. Phone directories on CD-ROM are appropriate for basic information research. Yellow Pages and purchase guides on show reference data. Marketing databases provide business information for strategic sales management, analysis of potential customers and competitors, as well as for direct marketing campaigns eg. mailings or telephone marketing. Due to great variety of selection criteria, irrelevant targets are reduced considerably. Thus, you can usefully integrate address databases in your CRM marketing strategies.


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